The Chalet Show

Recorded in the wooden chalet at the end of my garden, The Chalet Show ran for 54 episodes from April 2005 until December 2007.

The crew included a cast of dubious characters including Delphine and Henri the naturist cleaners, Peeping Tom, Reverend Stiffcollar, Major Incident and Pinky.

A spin-off show, French Letters (with 15 episodes) followed the rather sordid affair between Delphine and Monsieur Amour who turned from an avid listener to sweeping poor Delphine off her feet.

The Chalet Show returned for a final time in Christmas 2007 with a special show.

French Letters: Porcs Anglais

Hello it is Monsieur Amour here again. I thought you would like to hear about my very interesting new job. It is quite shocking ow some people ave no idea about keeping the culinary culture of our mother land sacred. Sometimes it is enough to make me weep little sparkly tears (that leave wet stripes all down my shirt).