The Chalet Show 12

Great podsafe music and a damn good giggle from Lynn Parsons and friends. Podcasting from the chalet at the bottom of Lynn’s garden in the UK.

  • Welcome
  • Darren Geffre – ‘Josephine’ site
  • This week’s emails / Batman and Robin
  • Polly 1
  • Delphine and Henri go spooky
  • The Well Wishers – ‘Only Sky’ site
  • Sports Boy reports on the alien exhibition at the Science Museum, London exhibition site music site
  • Polly 2
  • Major Incident
  • Halloween competition result
  • Adrina Thorpe – ‘Did You Think’ site
  • Gnaughty Gnome
  • Halloween food tasting
  • Polly 3

Contains music from the Podsafe Music Network.

All non-music content copyright Lynn Parsons 2005

One Reply to “The Chalet Show 12”

  1. Hi Lynn,
    It’s me again, old Bill, just great to hear my favorite singer again. I’m honored to be a fan and friend of Adrina Thorpe, starting just this year. She is a beautiful person with a great talent. I think she should tour England. Do you think she would have success?

    Thanks again for your show and all the good music.

    Your fan,
    Old Bill(about 45 years older than Adrina Thorpe.)

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