The Chalet Show 09

Great podsafe music and a damn good giggle from Lynn Parsons and friends. Podcasting from the chalet at the bottom of Lynn’s garden in the UK.

  • Welcome
  • Brother Love – ‘Push’ site
  • Ronnie Barker / John Lennon
  • Demi 1
  • Sports Boy music site
  • John Hoskinson – ‘Uncharacteristic’ site
  • Delphine and Henri
  • Demi 2
  • Gnaughty Gnome
  • Natalie Brown – ‘In My Dreams’ site
  • Wrap up
  • Demi 3

Music played in the show is from the Podsafe Music Network

All non-music content copyright Lynn Parsons 2005

8 Replies to “The Chalet Show 09”

  1. Hi Lynn

    I’m so behind wit my odcast listening I’m dead pleased to see thse last two shows up!

    I’ll be listening today as I do yet more DIY….groan…. saying that, your show makes my DIY a lot more pallatable as I find it great to listen while I work.


  2. I heard your comment from the Daily Source Code, and wanted to say another great thing is that now I have subscribed to your show, it joins my 0539am morning zap across to my iPod, and keeps me company on my commute across London.

    All the above takes place whilst I am showering etc and then it’s out the door with my bespoke ‘radio’ – best yet is the pod seems to remember where I pause and restarts from it.

    All I want now is The Archers on my pod and life is purrrfect.

  3. Heard your comment on the Daily Source Code.

    I’d like to subscribe to your show but i don’t use iTunes whats the url to your podcast feed please?


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