The Red Light Zone 001

Great podsafe music with a late night vibe.

Direct Download:

Tom Robinson - ‘Listen to the Radio’ [1]
Martha Redbone - ‘Future Street’ [2]
Cholly - ‘Viva Por Voce’ [3]
Y Las Flores - ‘La Isla Bonita’ [4]
Tom Waits - ‘Alice’ [5]
Wrap up


All the music played in the show is from the Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at

All non-music content copyright Lynn Parsons 2006

7 Responses to “The Red Light Zone 001”

  1. Adrian Pegg Says:

    Boy oh boy!

    This is sheer class Lynn. Thank you so much, I am really going to look forward to every show. This might be one podcast that I keep to listen to again (and I never keep any podcasts).

    Read my review

  2. jEN Says:

    Popped in via Adrian’s enthusing! ;)

    Not a show typical of my music tastes, however, I have always liked Tom Waits and really enjoyed that track. I couldn’t find him on PMN though (admittedly, I rarely go to their site and may not be searching it properly) — I’d love to see what other songs he’s released for podcasters. Can you give a link? It’s great to see established artists embracing podcasting! Yay!

    Thanks so much and good luck with the new show! :)

  3. Tin Tin Says:

    No it’s not you Jen, the PMN search is next to useless sometimes (when the record companies put their own name in the artist field) and I couldn’t find it either.

    Do a search for “Epitaph” and you’ll see it on page 5 of the results.


  4. jEN Says:

    Ah thank you! I tend to be very good a searches (I’ve a passion for research) but I thought something was amiss on the PMN search…

    Thx much! :)

  5. bobbyblue Says:


    It’s bobbyblue from …y las flores. Thanx for playing our song with all of those class acts…..what an honor to be played on the same show as Tom Waits!!!

    Check out our other song cucurrucucu paloma.

    pura vida (pure life),

  6. Bryan Hollamby Says:

    Hi Lynn,

    I have been listening to hugely entertaining Chalet Show for a few months now (Henri and Delphine are a scream!), and have just listened to the RedLight Zone - **excellent** stuff, my heartfelt congratulations on both superb podcasts. Professional to the last!!

    all the very best,

    Kilkis, Northern Greece

  7. Ed Ovett Says:

    Just wanted to say good luck with your 2nd podcast. I haven’t listened yet, but I can tell it will be enjoyable! I downloaded your promo and it shall be heard on Show #31 of Ed’s Mixed Bag, this coming Saturday. Mine is available at www.edsmixedbag on Show #30 at the bottom of the shownotes. (says, “Download New Promo Here”). O.K. and a special shoutout to all the U.K. musicians and podcast listeners!