The Red Light Zone 029

Great podsafe music with a late night vibe.

Direct Download:

All of Us (Taxable Gypsies) - ‘I Have Found’ [1]
Anti Atlas - ‘Cool is the Night (acoustic)’ [2]
Beth Hirsch - ‘Love Will Come Again’ [3]
Eric Paul - ‘Got Me’ [4]
Lisa Novak - ‘Where I Lie’ [5]

[2] Anti Atlas - Between Voices - Cool Is the Night
[3] Beth Hirsch - WHOLEHEARTED - Love Will Come Again
[5] Lisa Novak - Too Shallow to Swim - Where I Lie

Most of the music played in the show is from the Podsafe Music Network. Check it out at

All non-music content copyright Lynn Parsons 2007

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