Lynn’s Friends

Tin Tin has been friends with Lynn for 11 years and is the producer of the show. They met whilst working together on a music show for ITV in the mid-90s and got on like the proverbial house on fire. The rest they say is history. Tin Tin looks after the website, the studio equipment and all the other random technical stuff…and is a big fan of Adrina Thorpe since she signed his CD…which results in much leg pulling from Lynn!

Delphine and Henri Deville moved to the UK from France in 1990 and run their own cleaning business, Buffed Up. The company provides domestic and commercial cleaning including special services such as carpet and upholstery cleaning to a wide range of appreciative clients. Please be aware that all Buffed Up’s cleaners are naturists and firmly believe that buffing up your home or office in the buff gives visibly superior results.

Gnaughty Gnome (the gnome formerly known as Graham) used to have a prime spot in Lynn’s Garden, fishing in a non-existent pond. Now he’s travelling the globe to seek fame and fortune and phones into the show every week to tell us what gnaughty gnomish things he’s been up to.

Marcel Smith is standing in for Delphine and Henri whilst they’re away in France. His name may sound French but in fact he’s from Dagenham in Essex. When he’s not polishing Lynn’s pans, Marcel leads a ‘not so secret’ double life as a…well you’ll just have to listen to find out!

Peeping Tom has been cleaning windows in the Surrey area for 25 years. For security reasons we are unable to give his real name. After the runaway success of his self-help tapes ‘The Ladder to Success’, he is considering a six-figure offer to write his autobiography, ‘Me and My Squeegee’.

Polly (the friend previously known as Pinky) is quite frankly a bit of a local celebrity and needs no introduction as you’ll hear from the shows.

Sports Boy lives next door and pops over the garden fence to give us the lowdown on what’s happened this week in the world of sport. He’s crackers about cricket, fanatical about football and crazy about curling (OK we made that last one up).

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