Show 009

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Show notes 7th October 2005:

Brother Love - ‘Push’ site
Ronnie Barker / John Lennon
Demi 1
Sports Boy music site
John Hoskinson - ‘Uncharacteristic’ site
Delphine and Henri
Demi 2
Gnaughty Gnome
Natalie Brown - ‘In My Dreams’ site
Wrap up
Demi 3

Music played in the show is from the Podsafe Music Network

All non-music content copyright Lynn Parsons 2005

8 Responses to “Show 009”

  1. paul nicholls - podcastpaul Says:

    Hi Lynn

    I’m so behind wit my odcast listening I’m dead pleased to see thse last two shows up!

    I’ll be listening today as I do yet more DIY….groan…. saying that, your show makes my DIY a lot more pallatable as I find it great to listen while I work.


  2. Lynn Says:


    I hope you have a very big house and lots of DIY to do so you can keep listening!

    Lynn xx

  3. paul nicholls; aka podcastpaul Says:

    sadly Lynn..yes to both!

  4. paul nicholls; aka podcastpaul Says:

    you know…..Delphine sounds like Rusty Lee - and Henri sounds like Trigger from ‘Only Fools and Horses’

  5. John Hoskinson Says:


    Thank you so much for playing my song on your Podcast!


    John Hoskinson

  6. Paul Says:

    I heard your comment from the Daily Source Code, and wanted to say another great thing is that now I have subscribed to your show, it joins my 0539am morning zap across to my iPod, and keeps me company on my commute across London.

    All the above takes place whilst I am showering etc and then it’s out the door with my bespoke ‘radio’ - best yet is the pod seems to remember where I pause and restarts from it.

    All I want now is The Archers on my pod and life is purrrfect.

  7. daniel Says:

    Heard your comment on the Daily Source Code.

    I’d like to subscribe to your show but i don’t use iTunes whats the url to your podcast feed please?


  8. Tin Tin Says:


    Checkout the “How to Listen” page or just use this