Show 003

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Show notes 26th August 2005:

Shake Down - ‘Honest Woman’ site
A busy week
Peeping Tom 1
The Wedding Suite
Tim Fagan - ‘Whirlpool’ site
Delphine and Henri’s handy cleaning tip
Pinky 1
Scott Andrew - ‘Holding Back’ site
Pinky 2
Gnaughty Gnome
Peeping Tom 2
Wrap up
bill - ‘Sound Scientist’ site
Pinky 3

Music played in the show is from the Podsafe Music Network and

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One Response to “Show 003”

  1. Frank Says:

    Thank you, Lynn! You were a friend for a long time, late at night, years ago, and I often made a wish I could take over the BBC and regularize our relations… Well, now I can. This is the first opportunity I have to tell you how much you cheered me and how I used to miss to you when you weren’t there. As a radio person, you had as much impact as John Peel. It’s great you are doing this!